Heli Subsea is the world’s leading emergency helicopter simulator manufacturer for emergency training

Helicopter and winged aircraft training in emergency situations.
‍We are proud to provide a large variety of different trainings devices, from basic requirement of training to unique first class training facilities with advanced opportunities. As speciality we may provide also personnel-rated lifting systems and free fall simulator MWH-6 (Multi Way HUET)

Underwater technology
We have the knowhow for  underwater technology at the underwater environment as well from manned submarines to special designed systems.
Our main interest is to to keep our customers satisfied and that they remain competitive.

The ownership of Lamor Subsea Ltd has undergone significant changes.
The new majority owner is Mr Kim Roth, who is the managing director of the company.
In the same context the name changed. Lamor Subsea Ltd is nowadays Heli Subsea Ltd.

Heli Subsea Ltd continues manufacturing the high-quality simulators as it has done since 2008.
Our flagship is multiway huet, MWH-6 which is worlds’ most versatile HUET.
Our assortment includes also economic modules such as customized packages.